Isuzu drinking water tanker also called drinking water tank truck, drinking water bowser , potable tank truck, water lorry, Potable Water Service Truck, Stainless steel drinking water truck, Camión cisterna, water supply tanker is used to transport and supply drinking water in water-lack cities.

With non-toxic treatment inside tank or tank made of stainless steel, the water tank truck is suitable for transporting drinking water, água potável, safe to human body.

Isuzu drinking water tanker can also be equipped with special sprayers to achieve front flush, rear sprinkle, side spray, to sprinkle and clean the roads, streeets for environmental sanitation and protection, called as water sprinkler, water spray truck.

With rear working platform and high cannon, the Water lorry can also be used to water the plants, even high trees in virescence, called as watering truck.

Drinking Water bowser can be also equipped with pesticide spraying machine, to be used to spray pesticide in agriculture pest control field.