What are the features of Mobile Water Tanker?


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    Mobile Water Tanker mainly has the following functions:

    1. Cooling. When the weather is hot, sprinkle water on the road to reduce the temperature and protect the pavement, because the temperature is too high, the road will crack.

    2. Dust. The dust of the road surface is large. Sprinkle water can wet dust, effectively prevent dust from raising, thereby reducing air pollution. Greening gardening.

    The shape of the water pillar of the water cannon can be adjusted into straight -shaped, heavy rain, middle rain, hair rain, etc., which can be poured into the roadside flowers and trees, or the dust on the trees can be washed. For fire trucks in an emergency.

    The mobile water tanker comes with a high-pressure water cannon, which can reach 30-50 meters. Therefore, it can be used for fire extinguishing in emergency situations. The fire-fighting interface with its own assembly also provides greater convenience for it.

    3, transport water. my country is located in multiple temperature belts. The distribution of rainfall in various places is extremely uneven. Coupled with the influence of weather abnormalities, it has caused drought in many places, and it is difficult to drink water and livestock water.

    Mobile Water Tanker sprinkle water on the road: road flushing, road cooling, road maintenance

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