How about the dust suppression effect of construction water truck?


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    With the continuous deepening of urban management, the city pays attention to monitoring and controlling the sources of dust that usually cause dust, and pays great attention to monitoring and control;

    Some fugitive dust from the demolition of houses.

    In addition to meeting the general dust-proof requirements of construction sites, construction sites must also be enclosed and closed, hardened on-site roads, set up flushing facilities, implemented wet operations, equipped with cleaning personnel and construction water trucks, and regularly cleaned construction sites. The spoil, waste materials and other construction wastes on the construction site shall be cleared and transported in time.

    At the same time, vehicles are not allowed to take mud on the road, throw muck at high altitude, mix concrete on site, accumulate water on site, incinerate waste on site, and stack uncovered sand on site.

    Specific regulations have also been made on the dust-proof requirements for road and pipeline construction and house demolition construction. For example, when demolishing a house, water or spraying should be carried out on the demolished house to reduce dust. When the house is manually demolished, the implementation of watering or spraying measures may cause the structure of the house to become loose and endanger the safety of construction workers.

    The construction water truck sprayed water and dust on the demolition site, and achieved very good results. And the on-site road surface flushing operation, so that the on-site environment has been well improved.

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