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New Isuzu 6×6 truck for sale

6x6 ISUZU GIGA 25tons truck chassis

Isuzu produces a range of trucks, and their 6×6 configuration is part of their heavy-duty vehicle lineup, often used for off-road applications and specialized tasks. Here’s a brief overview of some notable features and specifications of Isuzu’s 6×6 trucks: Key Features Drivetrain: The 6×6 drivetrain configuration provides enhanced traction and stability, making these trucks suitable […]

The best in wrecker trucks – Isuzu FVR 10 tons flatbed tow truck

Isuzu FVR 10 tons flatbed tow truck

Speaking of wreckers, everyone is familiar with them. In modern life, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the number of domestic vehicles is increasing year by year, and the transportation hub is increasingly developed, and traffic accidents are inevitable; Urban parking spaces are tight, and illegal parking occurs from time to time. Such incidents […]

The Isuzu FTR – The World’s Most Advanced 4X4 Off-Road Water Truck Review

Isuzu FTR 4X4 Off-Road Water Truck

Speaking of water trucks, the most popular ones are models with about 12 tons, that is, single-axle medium truck models. The FTR is built around an ultra-strong frame with a high-strength steel body shell. Come see how this Isuzu FTR 4X4 Off-Road Water Truck is today! Exterior This car uses an Isuzu FTR row of […]

Isuzu small refrigerated carriers manufacturing process evaluation

Isuzu small refrigerated carriers

Let’s talk about Isuzu small refrigerated carriers today! This car adopts ELF 100P small truck cab, width 1730mm, double cabin cab, air brake; front face The headlights adopt a new design, with blue LED daytime running lights above the lens-type headlights, with two L-shaped chrome trims embellishing them, which is very distinctive. The front face […]

ISUZU FVM Bulk Feed Truck Configuration Instructions

ISUZU FVM Bulk Feed Truck

In 2022, the situation of the entire special-purpose vehicle industry is not very optimistic, and the bulk feed truck market of its subdivided models is also experiencing a “cold winter” in the industry. opportunity. For example, this ISUZU FVM Bulk Feed Truck is positioned for small-scale farms or rural livestock and poultry farms. The truck […]

Compression station on the move–ISUZU 18M3 rear loader garbage truck Philippines

ISUZU 18M3 rear loader garbage truck Philippines

Sanitation garbage trucks are widely used in daily life, especially compression garbage trucks. It can not only be used to collect and transfer garbage but also can be used in docking with other small garbage trucks as a mobile compression station. Large compression garbage trucks are usually mobile compression stations used by sanitation departments to […]

Compact design ISUZU FTR vacuum sewage jetting truck exported to the Philippines

ISUZU FTR vacuum sewage jetting truck Philippines

In recent years, with the continuous development of global industrialization, environmental pollution has become more and more serious, and environmental protection has become more and more important. The construction of a beautiful environment is inseparable from sanitation vehicles. Among the sanitation models, the vacuum sewage jetting truck is favored by the majority of users because […]