Where is the installation of the PTO protection device for Military Water Truck?


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    PTO is installed on the left side of the Military Water Truck cab. Pay attention to the order of starting, otherwise, it is easy to cause the gear gears to be damaged. Many times users cause failure due to negligent operation errors when they use.


    The correct order of operation is: After starting the engine, the force is turned on, and the engine cannot be started when the force is opened. This is the easiest to hit.

    In addition, once the pump is turned on, the pump enters the working status. The sprinkler parts must be turned off first, or the valve that needs to be working parts is only opened. So as not to cause unnecessary waste and start work efficiency at the same time, it will be greatly reduced.

    When stopping working, you should also pay attention to turning off the force switch first, and the engine is turned off, otherwise, it is easy to break the teeth of the force.

    Sometimes Military Water Truck sprinkle water on the street. It is often necessary to stop at this time. You must also pay attention to the operation. You can turn off the force device during the journey, but when you open it, you must stop the car and turn on the force.

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