What is the principle of water pumper truck?


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    Water Pumper Truck Work Principles:
    Front sprinkler: Use the front nozzle to rinse the slag on the concrete or asphalt road to 4m away from the nozzle, and clean the road; the front rush can reach 14 meters wide.

    Rear sprinkler: Two nozzles installed on the rear of the car to spray the water into a uniform fan surface and sprinkle water on the road; the rear can reach 10 meters wide.

    Side spray: Use the nozzle installed on the back of the car to spray water on both sides; the side spray can reach 14 meters wide.

    High gun: The water cannon is used to spray the water out of the water rear platform to use it for greening or emergency fire; the high gun can reach 25 meters.

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