ISUZU flatbed truck also called Low flatbed vehicle, excavator carrier truck, machinery transport vehicle, excavator transport truck, lorry carrier truck, excavator dump truck, etc

ISUZU flatbed truck is used for transporting machine that is non-removable or machinery that can’t be driven on road, such as excavator, loader, harvester, machine equipment, etc. It’s widely used in the construction, agriculture fields.

Chengli Company produced excavator carrier trucks that are easy to load machinery, there is a hydraulic ladder at the rear of the platform.

When loading machinery on, turnover the ladder to ground to build a slope between platform and ground. When finished loading, the ladder should be folded up and fastened by manual.

As for the flatbed carrier trucks, the driving type could be 4×2. 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4, etc.