What are the advantages of oil tanker truck?


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    The advantages of oil tanker truck, we will explain from the following two points.


    1. The choice of mobile fuel trucks for large vehicles can reduce fuel consumption costs and save man-hours. Most of the heavy machinery is used in the mountains or in the wilderness. There are few gas stations around and the roads are rough. When the fuel of the car runs out, it is time-consuming and fuel-consuming to drive to the gas station to refuel.

    These problems can be avoided if you choose a mobile fuel truck to deliver fuel. Experienced drivers will call the fuel supplier when the fuel is used up, and the fuel supplier will send mobile fuel trucks to replenish fuel.

    Although the oil price of these mobile refueling trucks will be higher than that of gas stations, but considering the fuel consumption of driving to refuel by yourself and the working hours of engineering delays, it is still very cost-effective to use mobile refueling trucks to supply oil.

    2. The investment in mobile refueling vehicles is less, and you can get rich quickly. The price of an ordinary 3-5 ton mobile fuel truck is 70,000 yuan, and it is 100,000 yuan when all expenses such as household registration and insurance are included. This kind of investment is affordable for most families.

    Today, whether it is commercial vehicles or family cars, the demand for oil is greater than the supply, so there will be no situation where oil cannot be sold.

    Investors only need to find stable and cheap oil suppliers, and contact stable oil-demanding projects or objects to make daily profits.

    Take a 5-ton oil truck as an example, with a full tank of 6,000 liters of oil, the net profit per liter of oil earns a price difference of 0.2-0.3 yuan, and that car can earn 1,200-1,800 yuan. For engineering, the daily oil demand exceeds 6,000 liters.

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