What is the difference between a refueling truck truck and a fuel tanker?


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    The refueling truck has a refueling machine, which is mainly used for refueling with mechanical equipment and can also be used for oil transportation. Its volume is relatively small.


    The oil truck does not have a refueling machine and can only be used for oil transportation.

    The mobile refueling truck is to install a vehicle-mounted computer tax-controlled refueling machine on the oil tanker, and the oil can be pumped into the refueling machine through the oil pump.

    The oil tanker is flexible and can be refueled according to the demand. In cities, suburbs, mines, docks, airports, stations, rural roads and other places without gas stations, it is suitable for cars, loaders, excavators, cranes, and mining equipment.

    The refueling of ships greatly improves the convenience of refueling various types of vehicles and equipment, with unparalleled flexibility, a wide range of services for the public, and reducing the inconvenience of all types of vehicles or equipment having to go to the gas station to refuel. A veritable mobile gas station.


    The special part of the oil truck is composed of the tank body, the power take-off, the transmission shaft, the gear oil pump, the pipe network system and other components.

    Function: It can be independently divided into warehouses, and can be divided into different oil products, chemicals, and food.

    The design can realize the functions of pump in and pump out over the meter, pump in and out but not over the meter, self-flow over the meter, but not over the meter. )

    All tank trucks can be designed as chemical trucks, various types of heating and thermal insulation series tanks; all tank trucks can be equipped with computer refueling machines; there are multiple wave-proof baffles in the tank.

    The high-pressure gas leak test is adopted to ensure that the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.

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