How much does a small fuel dispenser truck cost and what are the configurations?


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    Small mobile fuel dispenser truck is generally 3000-5000 liters, and its reference price is 138,000-187,000 yuan.

    Small fuel truck configuration description: five-speed gearbox, with steering assist, air brake, front axle disc brake, speed limiter, a white single-row cab that can be turned forward.

    The volume of the tank is 5.15 cubic meters, the thickness of the tank is 4.2mm, and the thickness of the head is 4.5mm.

    One aluminum alloy European standard tank mouth, one aluminum alloy subsea valve, one set of oil and gas recovery systems, one oil discharge valve, one set of anti-overflow alarm systems, with tax-controlled fuel dispenser, 15m fueling reel, one toolbox, two A fire extinguisher, standard aluminum all-gold folding guardrail and walkway.

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