What are the uses of fuel trucks?


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    The fuel truck is a vehicle for transporting oil materials. The fuel truck is equipped with a fuel dispenser that can move with the vehicle and is a vehicle that distributes fuel to oil-receiving equipment, such as vehicles, agricultural machinery, boilers, construction machinery and hotels.


    The material of the tank, tank can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. The refueling truck is composed of three main components: the refueling machine, the tank body, and the oil pump. They are introduced as follows:

    Introduction of refueling machine: A refueling machine is a refueling machine that uses the power of the car and can move with the car to meet the needs of urban or rural mobile oil sales. It has the functions of ordinary fuel dispensers, suitable for gasoline, diesel, ethanol gasoline, safe and reliable, compact structure, small size and easy to operate.

    Tank body: Usually the fuel truck with less than 8 cubic meters of oil is pressed by the national standard 5mm Q235 carbon steel plate.

    Refueling trucks with more than 30 cubic meters of oil are pressed with a national standard 6mm Q235 carbon steel plate.

    The tank body is required to have sufficient strength. The tank body is provided with anti-shock plates, and the tank body accessories are provided with manholes, liquid outlet valves, etc. Some tanks also need to be insulated and equipped with flow meters. The tank can be divided into warehouses.

    Oil pump: The oil pump is usually a self-priming pump, gear pump, chemical pump, stainless steel pump, centrifugal pump, and heavy oil pump.

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