ISUZU wrecker tow truck also called Flatbed tow truck, road wrecker truck, recovery truck, breakdown lorry, wrecker, police rescue truck, Recovery tow vehicle, wheel-lift wrecker, Road towing truck, Rotator wrecker trucks, Sliding platform recovery truck, Flatbed carrier is used to transport motor vehicles or the vehicles that are broken down.

Based on the type or size of vehicle to be towed, wreckers are usually designed into two types. One is slide-bed tow truck with wheel-lift function; another one is wheel-lift units that offer a combination boom with sling.

ISUZU wrecker Tow truck has the powerful function such as lifting, traction, hoisting, lifting platform, carrying transport etc. It is the ideal choice for road management department, traffice police, air port and automobile repair plant to proceeed to the road repair and resuce.