ISUZU Vacuum Cleaner Truck also called dust suction vehicle is a new type of road cleaning sanitation vehicle that adopts a dust removal filter system.

Vacuum Cleaner Truck has changed the traditional way of sweeping with the disc brush and rolling brush of the road sweeper, and all use the working principle of negative pressure and direct suction to complete the work, through the vehicle’s dust filter system and automatic pulse vibration dust removal system;

Effectively reduce dust pollution, and synchronously filter inhalable particles, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air, and improve the respiratory health of the people.

  • It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises with high dust, high concentration and high density that are prone to dust pollution: such as mixing plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, stone powder plants, and quarrying processing plants;
  • Rapid dust-free cleaning and cleaning of urban elevated, express roads and bridges and tunnels;
  • Cleaning and cleaning of urban arterial roads, high-grade highways and expressways.

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is the same as the household vacuum cleaner. It mainly uses airflow to complete the operation.

The general auxiliary engine power drives the high-power fan to vacuum the air in the dust collection bin, forming a pressure difference with the air pressure outside the garbage bin, and uses airflow movement.

The dust and garbage are collected and stored, the negative pressure is directly sucked, and the principle of aerodynamics is adopted.