Configuration analysis of the widely used 6cbm Isuzu waste compactor truck

6cbm Isuzu waste compactor truck

In the sanitation garbage truck market, the waste compactor truck is favored by sanitation users because of its high compression ratio and large loading capacity.

Isuzu 6m3 trash compactor truck
Isuzu 6m3 trash compactor truck

Applicable fields:

The waste compactor truck is widely used in the market. It can not only be used to collect and transfer garbage alone but also can be used as a mobile compression station to dock with small garbage trucks. Of course, large compactor trucks can also be docked with garbage stations.

Collection method:

Moreover, there are many collection methods of compression garbage trucks, such as hanging buckets, triangle buckets, large floor buckets and swing arms, etc., which are extremely practical.

Today, Xiaobian brings you a 6cbm Isuzu waste compactor truck. The configuration of this truck is as follows:

Isuzu 5 ton refuse compactor truck
Isuzu 5 ton refuse compactor truck

Chassis configuration:

It adopts ISUZU NKR 1.9 meters large cab, equipped with 130 horsepower engine, 6-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, 120L aluminum alloy fuel tank, standard ABS, original electronic control air conditioner, multi-function steering wheel, remote control key, central control lock, etc. configuration.

Vehicle size:

The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 6560, 6760, 6950X2100X2680mm, the total mass is 7360kg, the rated load mass is 2030, 1965, 1670, 1605kg, and the curb weight is 5200, 5560kg.

Box composition:

The main special device of the car is composed of a box body and a compression system, which is used for garbage collection and removal. The side protection material is Q235, bolted; the rear protection is replaced by a special device, and the lower edge is 460mm above the ground.

Isuzu 5t refuse compactor truck for sale
Isuzu 5t refuse compactor truck for sale

Box description:

Optional square or curved car box; optional multi-way valve, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pipe arrangement between the box body and the cab; optional front-end ladder position of the box body; optional sewage tank, battery position;

Optional multi-way valve cover; optional filler cover; optional rear sealing cover device, optional square fender.

Upper body configuration:

The effective compression volume of the upper body is 6 cubic meters, the integral side plate has no tailor welding, and the domestic top Yantai future oil tank is protected by an imported balance valve for the lift of the filler;

CAN bus vehicle controller, the service life of a single button can reach more than 1 million times, this electronic control mode system is concise and easy to install, water resistant, corrosion resistant and not afraid of rainy days, the compression ratio is 1:2.5;

Isuzu 5 cubic meters dumpster compactor truck
Isuzu 5 cubic meters dumpster compactor truck

Performance advantages:

The same 6m3 can be installed more than other cars. In addition, the grease nozzles are all equipped with dust caps, which are absolutely beautiful and worry-free. The material is turned over safely and smoothly, and the dozer unloading is easy to handle. It is equipped with a single pump scraper skateboard for one cycle. Within 25S, the double pump is only needed within the 20S.

This Isuzu 6cbm waste compactor truck was refitted by Hubei Chengli Company, and its quality and market reputation are very good, especially the vehicle paint, which is absolutely excellent in craftsmanship.