Comprehensive test of ISUZU FTR rubbish truck evaluation with large loading capacity

ISUZU FTR rubbish truck

There are many types of sanitation garbage trucks, among which compression garbage trucks are the most advanced and technical, with large loading capacity and high compression ratio.

ISUZU FTR trash truck for sale
ISUZU FTR trash truck for sale

Market segments

In the compression garbage truck segment, the 18-ton large compression garbage truck is in high demand, because it can not only act as a mobile compression station but also dock with the compression station to transfer lumpy garbage.

Brand Category

At present, the best-selling 18-ton compression garbage trucks on the market include Dongfeng Tianjin, Jiefang, and Sinotruk.

So today, Xiaobian brings you a new look ISUZU FTR rubbish truck, the configuration of this car is as follows:


The whole vehicle is 9.8 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, 3.25 meters high, and has a total mass of 18 tons. It adopts FTR wide-body wide sleeping cab, standard airbag main seat + auxiliary simple seat, domestic steering machine, Isuzu Smart pass D version, and other configurations.

ISUZU FTR garbage truck for sale
ISUZU FTR garbage truck for sale


In terms of power, this car is equipped with a 205-horsepower engine with a maximum power of 157KW and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. Matching with the engine is the MLD gearbox + HW45ZC flanged power take-off.


The whole vehicle is equipped with 6 all-steel radial tires manufactured by Linglong Tire Company with a model of 10.00R20, 1094 self-adjusting arm front axle, MCJ09BGY self-adjusting arm single rear axle, speed ratio 5.29, (7+4/250) double-layer frame, ( 7/7+3) The front and rear standard version of the multi-leaf spring and other configurations are matched, so that the whole vehicle has a strong bearing performance.


The 200L aluminum alloy fuel tank and the urea tank are installed side by side in the safety fence on one side of the vehicle, while the battery, gas storage tank and spare tire are safely installed in the safety fence on the other side of the vehicle.

upper body

The upper-mounted curved box is made of high-strength Q345 manganese steel, with good toughness, an effective volume of 14m3, and strong impact resistance.

The intelligent control system of the controller is adopted, with automatic and manual operation modes, which can control the operation of the garbage truck in one place, such as the cab, the rear side of the vehicle, etc., which is convenient and efficient.

ISUZU FTR recycling truck
ISUZU FTR recycling truck


The lifting cylinder of the loader adopts the thick cylinder produced by well-known manufacturers, with reliable quality and long service life.

In order to ensure the safety of operation, a two-way balance valve is installed on the lifting cylinder. During the lifting process of the filler, even if the oil pipe bursts, it will not suddenly drop and cause a vicious accident.

emergency button

The emergency stop red button is set on both sides of the rear of the filler, which can facilitate the operator to stop the operation in an emergency and improve the safety of the vehicle.

sewage tank

There are two sewage tanks on one side of the vehicle and the lower part of the filler, making full use of the vehicle space, and the maximum sewage holding capacity can reach about 300L, which can effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage.

ISUZU FTR waste management garbage truck
ISUZU FTR waste management garbage truck

Lifting system

The tail of the box is equipped with a hanging bucket lifting mechanism as standard, and the turning arm is controlled by an oil cylinder, which has the characteristics of smooth turning without slipping, safety and reliability.

Different turning mechanisms can also be selected according to different users to collect different garbage, such as semi-sealed triangle buckets, fully sealed floor buckets, swing arm mechanisms, etc.

concluding remarks

The chassis configuration of this ISUZU FTR rubbish truck is quite good. It not only has strong load-carrying performance but also takes into account comfort and cost performance. Therefore, after this compression garbage truck is launched, it is believed that there will be a good market demand.