Practical Comprehensive Test of Isuzu FVR 45m Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle

Isuzu FVR 45m Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle

In the current market, aerial work vehicles with a height of more than 40 meters are rare, but they are also very practical;

Isuzu FVR 45meters boom lift truck
Isuzu FVR 45meters boom lift truck

So we developed an Isuzu FVR 45m Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle, which is still very popular!

The car uses an Isuzu FVR flat-top row semi-cab, equipped with a 240-horsepower diesel engine with a displacement of 7.9L, matched with an MLD six-speed gearbox;

The wheelbase is 4500mm, the front axle is 6.3 tons, the rear axle is 13 tons; the clutch is φ395; ​​the number of leaf springs is 8/10+8;

250×80×[7+4]mm frame; 275/80R22.5 18PR tubeless tire; stainless steel 200L fuel tank; standard configurations include air conditioning, ABS, electric doors and windows, central locking, and lower protection.

The vehicle is 9.65 meters long, 2.45 meters wide and 3.86 meters high, with a total mass of 18 tons and a curb weight of 17.87 tons. It is a large Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle.

The boom of this car is a 45-meter seven-section octagonal telescopic boom. The boom is made of high-strength materials, with lightweight, high strength, high toughness and high reliability.

Isuzu FVR 45m truck mounted boom lift
Isuzu FVR 45m truck mounted boom lift

The boom can be extended and retracted synchronously, with a maximum working range of 25 meters, compact structure, high working efficiency and large working range.

The boom has a built-in telescopic oil cylinder and double chain telescopic mechanism, which makes it easier to observe the fault point and facilitate maintenance.

Use hydraulic system and electrical components to operate, install imported load-sensitive proportional valve, balance valve, CAN bus control system (tidy and simple), reversing valve, power take-off, hydraulic oil pump, reducer, hydraulic motor, hydraulic lock, hydraulic Hydraulic accessories such as fuel tanks;

Isuzu FVR 45meters man lift truck
Isuzu FVR 45meters man lift truck

The hydraulic system can realize the interlocking of the upper and lower vehicles, which is used for the interlocking of the upper and lower vehicles to prevent the danger of misoperation.

The turntable can rotate 360 ​​degrees, double luffing oil cylinders, the arm rises and falls, and the rotation is more stable; the advanced worm gear reduction mechanism (with self-lubricating and self-locking functions) is adopted, and the later maintenance can also be easily achieved by adjusting the position of the bolts. Effect.

The front outriggers are V-shaped square box-type all-inclusive outriggers, and the rear outriggers are H-shaped, all using three-section telescopic arm outriggers, which are individually adjustable;

The lateral span of the outrigger is 8.2 meters, the longitudinal span of the outrigger is 7.3 meters, the outrigger retraction time is 40 seconds, the outrigger span is large, the stability is good, and it is equipped with a “soft leg” protection function, which can be operated simultaneously or individually, adapt to a variety of working conditions;

Isuzu FVR 45m aerial platform truck
Isuzu FVR 45m aerial platform truck

The built-in telescopic oil cylinder is beautiful and avoids collision. The outrigger and the working arm are interlocked to prevent misoperation, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the whole vehicle during operation.

Two outrigger operation boxes are made on both sides of the vehicle, and the two-way operation multi-way valve is installed in the operation box. The outer box is made of an aluminum alloy checker plate, which is not only convenient but also beautiful and durable.

The working bucket is made of punched aluminum plate, and the working column is a folding column, which is not only practical but also durable and beautiful;

The bearing mass is 400KG; an operation box and lighting are also installed on the working platform so that the angle and boom operation can also be carried out in the air. The platform can also be rotated 360 degrees by an electric motor and automatically leveled, and it can also be forced by an external pull rod. Balanced, which is more stable and reliable.

A wind speed detection device is also installed next to the hydraulic motor, which can give an early warning when the wind speed is too large.

The whole vehicle has four operation modes. The onboard operation is used as the operation room, and the integrated electronically controlled valve block mode is adopted. The layout is beautiful, the operation is stable, and the maintenance is convenient;

Stepless speed regulation is realized through the throttle valve in the boarding operation; the electric control box can also be installed on the working bucket, which is also convenient to operate in the air;

There is also a remote control, and the turntable and gondola are equipped with start and stop switches, which are easy to operate and save fuel.

There is also a 5-inch LCD operation display installed in the operation box at the rear of the vehicle, which can display the detection arm length, elevation angle, platform height, working height, etc. in real-time.

The operation box is also equipped with an external 220V mains interface, which can use daily power tools without being affected by electricity consumption in the working environment; the two next to it are stainless steel tool boxes, which can place some on-board tools.

Isuzu FVR 45meters aerial bucket truck
Isuzu FVR 45meters aerial bucket truck

This Isuzu FVR 45m Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle is also equipped with a fully automatic emergency pump, a nighttime safety warning device, and an out-of-gear reminder. There are engineering strobe lights and LED lighting on the vehicle.

There is also an engine ignition and flameout controller, which can ignite the engine and control the flameout. In the event of failure, people can be sent to the ground through the system; the emergency stop device of the working platform is used for emergency stop operation, and the operation of the boom is limited.

It can automatically limit the working range. When the working range reaches the specified value, it will automatically limit the work in a dangerous direction. The whole vehicle can be said to have high safety performance. If you want to know more about this Aerial Work Vehicle, please feel free to inquire!