Euro V Isuzu FTR 12cbm water tanker sprayer exported to the Philippines

Isuzu FTR 12cbm water tanker sprayer

The Euro V FTR continues the Isuzu family’s face in appearance. It is a new medium truck with a “luxury appearance, stylish interior and comfortable driving” created by Isuzu’s design concept.

Isuzu FTR 12 ton water tank lorry
Isuzu FTR 12 ton water tank lorry

It also has a firm foothold in special vehicles, such as this Isuzu FTR 12cbm water tanker sprayer exported to the Philippines.

This car adopts a row and half cab, which has a large driving space and enhances driving comfort. The lines are simple and clear, the headlights are full of technology, and the overall appearance is atmospheric and fashionable.

The use of new interiors, airbag shock-absorbing seats, engine structure noise reduction, and electronically controlled noise reduction design ensure driving comfort.

Standard steering gear, semi-floating cab suspension, manual hydraulic flip, mechanical vibration-damping driver seat, laminated glass, thickened steel ring, MP3+ radio, air conditioner, ABS, vehicle terminal (tachograph+ Compatible with Beidou GPS) ;

Multi-state switch, right-turn prompt function, domestic valve, ABS, self-adjusting arm, maintenance-free battery, electronically controlled silicone oil fan, under-vehicle start-stop function, cab power master switch, PTO switch, remote PTO interface, power take-off switch, And solenoid valve, PTO gas pipeline.

In terms of power, it is equipped with an Isuzu 205-horsepower engine, an MLD 6-speed gearbox, and a “golden power, customized by Chenglong” power chain with a Φ395 clutch.

The power, economy, and stability of the whole vehicle can be improved in an all-around way, 500,000 kilometers without overhaul, and the maintenance cost is low. Not only the failure rate is low, the maintenance is convenient, and the attendance rate is also higher.

Isuzu FTR 12000liters water truck sprayer
Isuzu FTR 12000liters water truck sprayer

Isuzu FTR 12cbm water tanker sprayer adopts a lightweight chassis design, applies high-strength steel, adopts a wheelbase of 4.7 meters, a frame of 231(6), a front axle of 7 tons, a rear grid of 13 tons, and an 8/9+5 plate Springs, 200L fuel tank, 10.00R20 steel tires, etc., truly achieve “high quality, great benefits”!

The whole vehicle is 8.6 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, and 3.3 meters high. The total mass is 18 tons, the curb weight is 6.8 tons, the rated load mass is 11.005 tons, and the tank body is square;

Many details of the tank body are exclusively opened and made of a Q235 foot 4mm WISCO steel plate. The overall dimension of the tank body is 4.8 meters in length, 2.37 meters in the long axis, 1.55 meters in the short axis, and the total volume of the tank is 12.16m3;

The tank body is welded by plate automatic welding, single-sided welding, and double-sided forming, the head is automatically welded, and there are 3 partitions in the tank. The tank body has a wave-proof effect.

The side and rear protection materials are Q235, the connection method is that the left and right side protections are connected by bolts and welding, and the rear protection is welded. The ground height is 490mm.

A transparent measuring tube is installed in front of the tank to facilitate observation of the water level in the tank;

The back of the tank is also equipped with a climbing ladder, a single tank opening on the tank, a double guardrail on the tank top, an anti-rust treatment in the tank, an 80-type suction pipe, a double-layer baking paint process on the surface of the tank, and a hydrogen paint cover.

The special device is equipped with a large-flow 60-90 sprinkler pump (which can be pumped in and out), with front flush, rear sprinkler, side spray, and two high-level showers at the tail on the right side of the tank;

The rear working platform is a punching platform, non-slip pedals, with a green sprinkler anti-aircraft gun, ball valve type fire hydrant interface, and DN65 pump inlet and outlet are installed on the co-pilot side, a ball valve type fire hydrant water outlet at the rear of the driver (pipe extends into the tank) 2/3 height position in the body);

Isuzu FTR 3000gallons commercial water tanker
Isuzu FTR 3000gallons commercial water tanker

I am driving a water spray pipe with a diameter of 65 and the rear bumper at the rear (the pipe with a diameter of 65 is drilled with two rows of holes to spray water downward);

Full-bore ball valve for the whole vehicle, the diameter of the main pipe is 80, the other outlet is 65, a toolbox, a 1-inch handwashing valve on the left and right of the rear pipe, a round warning light on the left and right of the tank, and two pipes of the same length as the tank. Water pipes, the rest are factory standard configuration.

This Isuzu FTR 12cbm water tanker sprayer proposes a “product platform” strategy in the commercial vehicle industry and provides customers with products with better performance and better quality with a platform and modular design method.

Whether it is from the workmanship of the tank or other small details, it is good, not only has a wide range of applications, but also has high work efficiency, but also has the vehicle can be used for greening irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spray dust reduction, high-efficiency Cannon spray, etc.

In terms of comfort and overall configuration, it is a good choice!