What is a full down landed tow truck?


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    A full down landed tow truck is a kind of vehicle specially used for hauling faulty vehicles. The function of the floor wrecker truck is that it can slide to the ground by hydraulic or electric means by adopting the flat plate design of the truck, so that it can be easily removed. The faulty vehicle is transported out, which greatly reduces the working time, and is a relatively scientific obstacle-removing tool vehicle.


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    With the increase of high-grade roads and cars in use, wreckers have also been developed. However, with the development of wrecker trucks, some inevitable unsafe factors also occur, so while paying attention to economic interests, we must also pay attention to the safe operation of wrecker trucks.

    1: Before reversing with a full down landed tow truck, you should carefully observe the reversing route and confirm that the conditions for safe reversing can be reversed. In the process of reversing, drive slowly, pay attention to observe the situation on both sides and rear of the wrecker, and pay attention to the space on both sides of the front of the vehicle at any time, and be prepared to park at any time to avoid collision accidents due to excessive steering angle. Even if the road conditions behind you are good, you must not accelerate and reverse.

    2: When reversing on general roads, you should avoid heavy traffic, non-motorized vehicles and sections with many pedestrians and narrow roads. When reversing, if you see a passing vehicle passing by, you should take the initiative to stop and give way. Because when a U-turn needs to be reversed, it should be done in a location that does not affect normal traffic.

    3: If a full down landed tow truck needs to make a U-turn, it should choose no U-turn sign, and conduct it on a wide road section with small traffic flow. It is strictly prohibited to make a U-turn in an area where U-turn is not allowed or on a dangerous road section. Before turning around, the wrecker truck should first observe the clearance Check the traffic behind the car to make sure it is safe.

    4: During the U-turn process of the Full down landed tow truck, you should strictly control the speed of the vehicle, carefully observe the situation in the front and rear of the road, confirm the safety before you can move forward or reverse, and be ready to stop at any time. When you have to make a U-turn on the ramp, you should use the wrecker’s handbrake control every time you stop to avoid accidents caused by the wrecker’s sliding.

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